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    Tropical pineapple – the natural mood enhancer

Tropical pineapple – the natural mood enhancer

Are you often in a bad mood or have mood swings that let you crave unhealthy food? There´s a simple but tasty solution: Pineapple! The queen of fruit contains natural mood enhancers and can stop unhealthy food cravings.

Cheerful queen of fruits
The pineapple is the most popular tropical fruit and is rightfully titled „queen of fruits“. It´s not only tasty but also very valuable when it comes to nutrition. Pineapple is rich in minerals such as iron and manganese and contains lots of vitamin C as well as beta carotene. Worth a mention is also the enzyme bromelain, which naturally supports digestion.

In addition, pineapple contains serotonin and vanillin. The latter acts as mood enhancer while serotonin acts as messenger substance to the brain and is responsible for satisfaction and good mood. This can also positively influence food cravings and anxiety.

Support your beauty with pineapple
While pineapple is a beneficial fruit to eat, it can also support external looks. Fresh pineapple juice can help fade sun damage and age spots. You´ll find lots of cosmetics containing pineapple enzymes which help remove dead skin cells and leave your skin looking glowing and fresh.

Tip: Counteract dry skin by making a facial mask with pineapple pulp.

What to look out for when buying a pineapple
They might all look the same from the outside, but there are over 100 different kinds of pineapples which differ in size. Ripe fruits are best recognized by the green leaves and yellow to golden flesh.

Apply pressure: The pineapple rind should only give little way under pressure. The inner leaves should be able to be removed easily.

Odor: A ripe pineapple has a sweet, aromatic odor, especially around the stalk.

Storage: A pineapple won´t ripen after harvest. You can store it in the cool for one to two weeks, however, don´t put it in the fridge. Cut pineapple can be kept up to two days in the fridge.

How to cut a pineapple
Start by cutting of the top and bottom of the fruit. Continue by cutting off the rind and quarter the pineapple. You should be able to cut away the hard stalk now. Enjoy either in slices or cubes.

Recipe ideas
The yellow pulp has a wonderful sweet taste. Perfect for salads, desserts, smoothies but also in juice, for example the Rauch Juice Bar Pineapple-Orange-Maracuja juice. Don´t limit yourself to sweet dishes though – why not try a pineapple marinade for meat, a vegetable curry with pineapple bits or grilled pineapple for a healthy BBQ?

Fact Box: What to look out for when shopping for pineapples
- Green leaves and yellow/golden pulp
- Gives way slightly when you apply pressure
- Inner leaves around the stalk can be removed easily
- Sweet, aromatic smell around the stalk

Author: Olympiazentrum Vorarlberg