Fruitjuices of high quality
and pureness

Our diverse range of brands

RAUCH's company history starts in the gastronomy sector of 1919. The first product was apple juice. It was delivered in 1 liter bottles to nearby gastronomers. 100 years later we have become an indispensable partner for the gastronomy in the field of non-alcoholic beverages. Along with countless brands, we offer all kinds of packaging solutions, too.

Our jewel on the table

100% fruit juices & nectares in the pretty 0.2 l bottle (Reusable & disposable)

The classics to serve at the bar

100% fruit juices & nectars in the 1 l reusalbe bottle


MyTEA Lemon & Peach for youngster & guests who feel young served in the 0.33 l bottle (reusable & disposable)

Wide awake with lemon green tea

Ideal for wellness & seminar locations:

The Nativa lemon green tea in the 0.25l bottle (Reusable)

Bulk packaging solutions

The plentiful 1 litre asscortment

The classics for outdoor indulgence in 1l reusable bottles

Want more?

Post and Premix in containers for up to 120l