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    Versatile Cucumber – not just a boring snack!

Versatile Cucumber – not just a boring snack!

Recently the cucumber is experiencing a real boom. The mild and fresh taste doesn´t just make cucumber ideal as a classical vegetable stick, but more recently also as addition to drinks. But how versatile is the cucumber?
What does the cucumber consist of?

The benefits of the cucumber are often underestimated. They are a very healthy vegetable as in addition to the high water content of about 95 percent, it contains only fibre and very small amounts of protein and fats. This water fibre combination helps digestion and is beneficial if you are watching your weight. Cucumbers contain lots of B vitamins which support your body when it comes to stress management. They also contain antioxidant vitamin C and vitamin E. Regarding minerals, the cucumber is rich in calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. The bitter substances of the cucumber have a gut-regulating effect, but in today's cucumbers only traces can be found.

Preparation tips

In order to keep valuable vitamins and minerals you should not peel the cucumber. The vitamins are primarily in the rind or directly below. Therefore, when buying the cucumber, make sure that it is untreated.

What´s missing? Calories!

The cucumber is one of the foods with the least calories. With only 12 calories per 100 grams of raw cucumber, it´s THE slimming agent par excellence! The low calorie count is mainly due to the high water content. Thus, the cucumber is also an ideal thirst quencher and can contribute to a healthy fluid balance. So if you're one of those people who find it hard to cover their fluid needs, here's the perfect tip for you: Especially in summer, eating vegetables rich in water, such as cucumber, can do wonders and some good.

Whats new - creative combinations

Alternatively to the classic vegetable sticks, you will find the cucumber in many trendy combinations. Whether pressed, sliced ​​or carved in unusual shapes and sizes - the cucumber offers numerous possibilities for artistic and culinary experiments. Cucumbers always bring an extra dose of freshness and have a cooling effect on the body, so it is perfect for use in the summer. Why not try the following:

  ·  Salad: But not the same as before: Using the "traditional" way of making cucumber salad by means of salting and then expressing, almost all valuable ingredients are lost. Spices such as garlic, dill, spiced paprika, cumin, cumin or black cumin are ideally suited for cucumber.
In addition, a trendy summer hit: fruity cucumber salad combinations. They refresh and are ideal as a take-away for the office. Use apple and celery, lemon and mint, orange and ginger or pineapple and carrot!

  ·  Punch: Blend cucumber with water and honey melon pulp. Add the juice of half a pomegranate and one lemon to the melon-cucumber mix. Blend again and add sparkling water. Also delicious mixed with sparkling wine or gin!

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