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    Sportdrinks – which drink works best for sports?

Sportdrinks – which drink works best for sports?

You like to move and want to eat healthy? There are a lot of drinks that promise a better performance during sports – terms like “isotonic”, “hypotonic”, “rich in minerals”, “energized” and “contains protein” are used frequently. What´s the truth behind it all and which drink suits your sport best?
What nutrients are important when doing sport?

When the muscle fibres tense, they require energy. This energy mainly comes from carbohydrates and fats.  Muscles store energy in so called glycogen storages. Especially during intense sports, energy from carbohydrates are very important. The fat burning process becomes more and more important the longer the exercise session is. Fats however provide less energy and much slower than carbohydrates. Protein is the building material that the muscular system is made from.

Drinking enough fluids is a very important aspect when it comes to reaching good performance. Fluids cools the body and makes sure blood fluidity remains well and isn´t affected too drastically by fluid loss due to sweating. Consequences drinking too little during sport is loss of muscle strength, stamina and coordination. Furthermore it increases the risk of cramping, fatigue and – in the worst case – heat stroke.  

How much does your body need?

When doing intense exercise, the body can lose up to 1 litre of sweat per hour. Moreover you lose minerals, especially sodium. The required amount of fluid obviously depends on the individual, however when doing extremely strenuous exercise it can be up to 5-6 litres. It is best to drink small amounts throughout doing sports.

Istotonic – what does this mean?

„Isotonicity describes the tonic relationship between two fluids, where the osmotic pressure is virtually identical.“ More simple: It´s all about the dissolved particles in fluid (e.g. a sports drink) and the corresponding medium (e.g. blood).  The similar the two are, the easier it is to transfer fluid into the body. Particles include all water-soluble substances such as minerals, trace elements or carbohydrates.

What properties does a good sports drink have?

In addition to taste and compatibility, the composition determines the choice of the best sports drink. And the composition is determined by the goal:

Goal 1
Quick fluid return: Hypotonic drinks such as mineral-rich, non-carbonated or unsweetened drinks are recommended for this purpose. The fluid intake happens quickly as it won´t stay in the gastrointestinal tract too long and is generally well tolerated.

Our tip: the unsweetened Rauch Juice Bar teas

Goal 2
Energy supply: If energy is required quickly, the carbohydrate content should be between 20 – 70 grams per hour of exercise or exercise unit. Sip by sip the drink, rich in carbohydrates, increases performance and is ideal for long periods of exercise. Well suited are fruit and vegetable juices such as the natural fruit juice of Rauch Juice Bar, diluted with water (between 1:3 and 1:5) as well as fruit and herbal teas.

Sugary drinks such as soda are not recommended.

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