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    Rauch Juice Bar x Veganista

Rauch Juice Bar x Veganista

This July, Veganistas in Vienna had two special flavors inspired by the Rauch Juice Bar PLUS flavors "Berry Booster" and "Vitaminator". The juices were of course also used in the production of the ice cream.

It got fruity at Veganista!

Ever since the two sisters joined the Rauch Healthy Lifestyle Board, their plan was to create an ice cream flavor from our delicious juices. As their first attempt, the two took on the new Juice Bar PLUS range and they created a vegan ice cream from two flavors.


*BERRY BOOSTER* with freshly squeezed apple juice, grape, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry.

*VITAMINATOR* with freshly squeezed apple juice, strawberry, kiwi, ginger and elderberry.

The two varieties were a complete success and tasted super good – for us as well as to the customers of Veganista!


Check out the Facebook and Instagram page of Veganista, there you will always find the current ice cream varieties at the individual locations and hopefully soon the next cooperation between Rauch and Veganista!