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    "Believe in yourself and make the most of your opportunities!

"Believe in yourself and make the most of your opportunities!

If anyone knows how dreams can become reality, it is Katharina Liensberger. At only 25 years old, she can look back on a meteoric rise as a ski racer. In February 2022 she won the silver medal in the slalom at the Olympic Games in Beijing as well as the gold medal in the team event. A year earlier in February 2021, she became double world champion at Cortina d'Ampezzo with the gold medal in slalom and parallel giant slalom with an additional bronze medal. In the same year, she won the crystal globe in the overall slalom World Cup disciplines classification. Today she talks to us about her key to success.

When was it clear to you that you wanted to become a skier?
Even as a child, I loved the snow and nature. That's why my mother put me on skis when I was just three years old. I already wanted to be very fast back then and immediately found my love for ski racing. At the age of six, I was able to take part in races for the first time with the Rankweil Ski Club. My path led me via the district squad, the Vorarlberg Ski Association, the Stams Ski High School to the ÖSV national squad. Ski racing is still the most beautiful sport I can imagine and my greatest passion. Today I train with the Austrian Ski Association and race all over the world.

Gold and silver at the Olympic Games! How do you manage to achieve such big goals?
In my opinion, one of the most significant experiences I have had during my career is definitely the following: If you really want something with all your heart and deepest conviction, you can achieve it. Furthermore, it is important to always have the goals in front of your eyes and to keep going. Willpower and enthusiasm are not only very important to me, they are definitely part of my success. If you love what you do, then you do it well - I am convinced of that! At the same time, I have always believed that I can do it. Of course, besides belief, discipline and hard training are also part of it. I have worked on my skills and developed myself further - I want to keep this recipe for the future.

Which is more important: talent, hard work or luck?
For me, all three components are important in order to be successful in sports. Success is like a work of art made of many mosaic stones - if only one stone is missing, it is difficult to keep up at the top level. Nevertheless, I think that the greatest things can be achieved through diligence. Ultimately, it's all about recognising your abilities, diligently holding on to your dreams and, above all, making the most of your opportunities. This is my motto in life, which I also like to give to everyone on their way: "Believe. Fly. Achieve." It means something like, "Believe in your strengths, realise your dreams and seize your opportunities."

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