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    Autumn vegetables: simply a delight!

Autumn vegetables: simply a delight!

Red Beet, pumpkin, parsnips & Co - the wonderfully colorful autumn vegetables are often neglected in the kitchen. Yet they are extremely rich in valuable nutrients, which our immune system is also happy about right now. Our new blog post shows that the preparation can be quite simple.

Autumn is a real treat: the still warm rays of the sun, the soft light and the wonderfully colourful nature. Not only blossoms and leaves glow in yellow-orange-red colors, but also the vegetables that are currently harvested in abundance: Countless varieties of pumpkins, various root vegetables such as beets, carrots, celery, parsnips or leeks, cabbage, fennel and many more...

Many know how healthy they are (see also in the blog post: Harvest thanks: This vegetable brings us fit through the winter), yet they are - apart from the "usual" varieties such as carrots or leeks - in many kitchens rather not at all or if then only stepmotherly considered in the meal planning. Probably the ways of preparing them and possible dishes are not obvious. But it does not have to be difficult at all. Especially with simple dishes, the characteristic taste really comes into its own. Here are a few tips and ideas:

Beetroot: The beetroot salad (made from boiled or steamed beetroot) is familiar to many from grandma's kitchen, but beyond that is often the end. Many don't know: You can also eat red beets raw, for example grated or sliced wafer-thin, marinated as a salad or as a carpaccio. A combination with walnuts and goat's or sheep's cheese is particularly worthwhile. A beetroot risotto is also worth a try and brings a special visual change to the plate. For those who plan on short notice and don't have much time: Beetroot is also available ready cooked and vacuum packed - so perfect for stocking up and quick cooking. And for those who want it even easier: There are also juices with red beets that taste very good.




For example, our Juice Bar Winter Beets. This limited edition is only available in autumn and winter and is a must for all "beet fans". Can be found in the refrigerated section.


Carrots, celery, parsnips & co - these root vegetables are not only traditional companions when cooking chicken or beef soup, they also taste delicious in grated form, combined and marinated as a salad. Spaghetti lovers will also love them in this variation: Grated, combined with (garlic) leek and finely roasted in cream cheese sauce, with Italian herbs and Parmesan a deliciously quick treat... Any root vegetable is of course also perfect solo (or together) as a creamy soup. Classic mashed potatoes get a new touch with some celery or parsnip. In addition, carrots in particular provide a tasty vitamin kick as an ingredient in fresh fruit and/or vegetable juices.

The many varieties of pumpkin also encourage you to try them. They taste not only as a conventional (and very simple) creamy pureed soup, but can be cut into wedges and roasted on a tray in the oven - combined with (sweet) potato wedges and mushrooms - who likes - and marinated with a little oil, lemon and herbs to taste. With a herb and sour cream dip and salad, a wonderfully simple meal (or side dish)! By the way, the skin of the Hokkaido pumpkin can be eaten at the same time and you save yourself the often tedious peeling.

Those who like to eat red cabbage will not only enjoy the cooked side dish with game. Finely sliced and marinated raw as a salad, refined with oranges and nuts, it tastes deliciously fresh. In the same way, fennel, which many people only know in the form of tea for small children or against stomach complaints, is a delicious nutrient donor raw and finely chopped with lemon, salt, pepper and olive oil, even as a savoury snack.

... a colourful variety that not only provides us with numerous health-promoting nutrients, but also reminds us of the warm, colourful autumn hours when we enjoy it all the way into winter...