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    New fruity creations from the Rauch Juice Bar

New fruity creations from the Rauch Juice Bar

<p>Just in time for the cold season, two juicy novelties are waiting in the chiller cabinet for all Rauch Juice Bar fans. The iconic carafe range is complemented by the fruity berry combination Berry Mix. In addition, the PLUS family is getting a new addition: The Exotic Vitalizer supports your muscles with magnesium and vitamin D.</p>

Berry Mix carafe: berry-strong fruit enjoyment
The name says it all! With its fruity combination of apple, red grape, pear, blueberry, blackcurrant and cranberry, the Berry Mix provides the ultimate in fruit enjoyment! By the way, berries are real powerhouses for our immune system and provide your immune boost with their many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Try it now and enjoy our Berry Mix, berry much!

PLUS Exotic Vitalizer: Your performance drink in the dark season!
The performance sip that tastes like summer: With our new PLUS variety Exotic Vitalizer you can bring summer home! The exotic mix combines everything that we miss so much in the dark and cold season. Orange, pineapple, apple, mango and lemon provide tropical fruit enjoyment and the PLUS of magnesium and vitamin D contribute to the health of your muscles*. In the chiller cabinet now!

*Official Health Claim: Magnesium and vitamin D contribute to the maintenance of normal muscle function. 

A simple tip for anyone who wants to increase their daily fruit and vegetable intake: Fruit and/or vegetables should be included in every meal - whether as a fruity addition to muesli, a crunchy salad for lunch, a creamy vegetable soup, peppers in a spicy roll, or simply as an apple in between meals. At the beginning, try to manage at least one portion more than usual - "plus 1" is the motto, i.e. one valuable portion more that will surely increase your health at least a little.

What our Healthy Lifestyle Board members say about our new varieties

Anna Veith: "As usual, the Berry Mix is very fruity and tasty for me. In the Exotix Vitalizer, mango and pineapple predominate in taste. So it's very exotic. Magnesium and vitamin D are of course extremely important for the winter. I would enjoy it diluted with water for breakfast, so that you start the day well filled with vitamins, or take it with you on a ski tour. But also diluted." 

"The Exotic Vitalizer is our favourite drink from now on! We especially love the extra magnesium and vegan vitamin D! The Berry Mix juice not only looks cool, it also tastes fantastic and we love the vitamin C boost you get when you drink it!"
Manuel Schätzer: "I found the Exotic Vitalizer to be a very coherent product. I found the mango and pineapple flavour combination particularly pleasant."