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    10 tips for your health & lifestyle in spring

10 tips for your health & lifestyle in spring

Outside it's getting warmer again, the birds are chirping and the air smells deliciously like spring. After months of cold and darkness, we enjoy the first rays of sun on our skin and the anticipation of summer. How can you use the start of spring to bring more enjoyment &amp; lightness into your everyday life? We will tell you!

Spring is on its way. While some are excited by feelings of happiness, others are struggling with fatigue and a lack of drive. The well-known spring fatigue puts a spanner in the works of the desired lightness.

Why do we often feel so tired in spring?

The transition from winter to spring means a major change for the body. Especially the hormonal balance is affected: In winter, when it is dark most of the time, a lot of fatiguing melatonin is released. When the days become longer and brighter again in spring, more of the "good mood hormone" serotonin is released, but this change is nevertheless also very stressful for the body. Therefore: Don't be too hard on yourself if you find yourself exhausted more often, but consciously look for relaxation and pleasure islands in your everyday life to recharge your batteries.

These 10 tips bring more pleasure & ease in spring:
  1. 1. Get some sun:
  2. To help your body adapt more quickly to the new light conditions and to help the symptoms of springtime fatigue subside quickly, it's best to get outdoors and get some sunlight as often as possible. Enjoying your morning coffee on the balcony or terrace or spending your lunch break outdoors can already improve your mood.

  3. 2. Exercise in the fresh air:
  4. It doesn't even have to be a hard sports program; a daily walk in the fresh air is enough to get your circulation going, strengthen your immune system and boost your energy level in the long term. The sunlight and the greening of nature also have a positive effect on mood.
  6. 3. Variable showers:
    Admittedly, at the beginning it takes some effort, but alternating showers with cold and warm water has a stimulating effect on the organism, especially in the morning. If you are still skeptical, try it at the beginning only with the lower legs and arms. You will be thrilled how much more awake and fresh you start the day afterwards.
  8. 4. Fresh fruit and veggies:
  9. In spring, there is a greater selection of colorful fruits and vegetables again. Lamb's lettuce, radishes, asparagus, rhubarb - they're all in season now. If you still find the recommended "5 a day" difficult, you can try the "Plus 1" principle instead. The goal here is to eat one more serving of fruit or vegetables per day than before.
  11. 5. Discover your green thumb:
    Fresh herbs can also make a valuable contribution to nutrition and also spice up the taste and look of any dish. You don't necessarily need a garden to grow your own herbs. A sunny spot in the kitchen is perfectly adequate for most herbs.
  13. 6. Mealprepping:
  14. Who wants to stand in the kitchen every day when the sun is shining outside? Cooking meals in advance has the advantage that you always have something healthy and tasty available when hunger strikes. In addition, you save a lot of time, in which you can instead simply let your soul dangle.
  16. 7. Drink enough:
    It is essential to drink enough fluids to keep the body healthy and efficient and to counteract tiredness, lack of concentration and dizziness. Ideal thirst quenchers are e.g. water, mineral water, unsweetened herbal or fruit teas, or fruit juices diluted (ideally in a ratio of 1:3).
  18. 8. Spring cleaning & clearing out:
  19. Many people also wish for more lightness within their own homes. For many people, spring is the ideal time to clean out and get rid of old items. In a clean and tidy home, you feel much more comfortable and with a few fresh flowers from your last walk, spring arrives.
  21. 9. Make good use of the fasting time: Many would like to use the fasting time before Easter to relieve the body. But extreme fasting cures are not advisable from a nutritional point of view. A meaningful variant can be in this time e.g. a conscious renouncement of alcohol. This has a particularly positive effect on body weight, sleep quality and liver health.
  23. 10. New drive:
  24. If the "spring energy" has already led to a motivational boost for you, then use this to integrate new routines for a healthier lifestyle into your everyday life. And maybe even New Year's resolutions that have already been abandoned will get a second chance. After all, three quarters of the year are still ahead of us...