Make your day a happy day

Happy Day stands for a unique taste experience of highest quality. The wide range of products takes you through a joyride of different flavours. From classics like orange or apple to local culinary highlights such as strawberries or rhubarb, Happy Day offers the whole range of flavours, including exotic ones like mango, pomegranate and pink guava.

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Happy Day goes Vegan!

Happy Day by Rauch carries the V-label and is 100% vegan. This is certified by the Vegan Society of Austria, thus carrying the respective seal. The employment of state-of-the art mechanical filtering processes when clarifying fruit juice makes sure that adding gelatine is not necessary.

Pineapple Champagne Cocktail

2 Persons

100 ml Happy Day Pineapple
RAUCH Lime Juice, ca. 2 ts
Coconut flakes

Dip glasses in the lime juice first and then twist the glass in the coconut flakes, thus creating a nice coconut garnish. Pour Happy Day Pineapple and ice into the glass and add champagne.

Cherry Tini

4 Persons

30ml Cherry Brandy
90ml Vodka
90ml Happy Day Amarena Cherries
1 ts RAUCH Lemon Juice

Pour all ingredients with lots of ice into the shaker and stir well. Serve in glasses.

Mango Vodka Cooler

2 Persons

5 cl Vodka
8-10 Blackberries
300 ml Happy Day Mango
Crushed ice

Fill crushed ice in 2 glasses and add Happy Day Mango. Then add vodka. Pour soda on top and adorn with blackberries and mint leaves.

Happy Day Fairtrade

As a traditional family business with our philosophy of "Fruit, Family & Nature", RAUCH sends a clear message of sustainability and fair conditions in the trade in fruits.