Formula One


Juice of Champions

Since January 2005, we have been an official Team Partner of Red Bull Racing and therefore have the basics for conquering one more field of international sponsoring. We deliver the team exclusively with Fruit Juices and Icetea.

The Backgrounds

We are constantly increasing our radius of action in Europe as well as overseas. With the selected sponsoring of Red Bull Racing we pursue clear targets of marketing:

Besides the continuous aim for positive image values, the popularity of the RAUCH brand in Europe and in important export regions is in first place. The Formula One Grand Prix travels to 19 countries all over the world allowing international sports sponsoring with enormous TV coverage. The long term engagement in motor sports is the ideal complement to our well-known summer and winter activities and perfectly completes the sponsoring program.

Rauch Branding

Our brand exposure at Red Bull Racing reaches from the logo placement on the wing mirrors and barge boards of the car, the overalls and race tee sleeves of the Red Bull Racing team (Drivers, Management, Engineers and Mechanics), the partner listings (visible in the Red Bull Energy Station, Paddock Club, Press Paper, Trucks, Websites and the Factory to the product supply in the Red Bull Energy Station.