With this image of an idyllic valley where the RAUCH tree – with its fine fruits – is at home, we want to emphasize the naturalness and tradition which our products and the company have represented for generations.

In “RAUCH 2020”, our strategic process spanning several years, which we launched in 2011, we are taking our company into the future – after all, acting with foresight and precaution is not only economically necessary, it is also vital for the environment and society. “RAUCH 2020” helps us focus on doing the right thing and to take this into consideration in our daily decisions. Sustainability is also from an economic point of view a logical consequence of this.

With the help of sustainability management, RAUCH will be even better positioned to meet the challenges which characterize our industry – not only the availability and rising costs of raw materials and the protection of the environment, but also finding and keeping hold of qualified and motivated employees. With this in mind, we are making every effort to ensure resource efficiency and good management of human resources. An integrated management system helps us effectively control the areas of quality, hygiene, food safety, the environment, energy, occupational safety and also social and working standards. By 2017 the aim is to have all production sites completely certified.