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BRAVO stands for a variety of different fruits and berries from exotic places to your homeland. BRAVO fruit juices are the ideal thirst quenchers. Owing to ever new ideas and exciting flavour experiences, they guarantee fruity change.


"Drink green tea to forget about the noice of the world", says an old wise Chinese saying that captures the spirit of our hectic time. The Chinese and Japanese consider green tea their lifeblood for almost 3000 years now. Nativa makes use of the ancient wisdom of foreign cultures, making the Nativa wellness teas pure beverages with rich ingredients that have an entirely positive impact on body and soul.


The creamiest icecoffee: Italian Lifestyle with fresh milk from the alps. Discover your favourite flavour from Cappuccino, Macchiato and Intenso. All three are incredibly creamy. The only difference is their coffeine content.

Iso Sport

For the release of RAUCH SPORT Isotonic, we closely analysed and met the needs of athletes.


Whether in gastronomy or for the gourmet at home – the gourmet line from RAUCH CULINARY is equally favoured and demanded.