Sustainability is something RAUCH fruit juices really cares about. For acting with foresight and care is not just economically wise, but also in terms of nature and society. Thinking and acting proactively is the precondition for doing the right thing when making our daily decisions.

Small label, large impact

Fairtrade paves the way for a new world in which small farmer's families and plantation workers in developing countries are able to enjoy a secure life in dignity while being able to take their future in their own hands. Purchasing the Happy Day Fairtrade products constitutes an effective consumer choice for combatting poverty.

What's this about?

Fairtrade connects small farmer families and plantation workers in developing countries. By purchasing Happy Day Fairtrade consumers make an effective contribution to the fight against poverty.

Conscious enjoyment

The Rainforest Alliance is an independent international NGO. Farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance protect forests, waterways, and ecosystems as well as the rights and livelihoods of workers, their families and the local communities. Along with environmental protection, one of the main goals is to improve the livelihoods of workers and their families through training, education and health care. By using the black tea cerfified by the Rainforest Alliance we make an active contribution to achieving these targets and raise consumer awareness of these important issues. Our shift to using tea certified by the Rainforest Alliance forms part of RAUCH's sustainability strategy.

Drinking smart

The "Drinking smart" initiative intends to motivate schools all over Austria to permanently improve their range of beverages in everyday school life, thus raising awareness among faculty and students alike. "Smart Drinking" has a positive impact on both students and schools alike.