The RAUCH Story


The beginning

The start of our company reaches back to the beginning of the 20th century. In 1919, directly after the end of World War I, Franz Joseph Rauch founded a small cider mill for the farmers of the surrounding area in Rankweil in the federal state of Vorarlberg in Austria.

The Sixties

The next generation took over the family enterprise at the beginning of the sixties with an annual turnover of about 12 million Austrian shillings. Then we expanded decisively and began with the industrial production of fruit juice. First of all, we sold our juices on a national level, then more and more on an international level.

The Seventies

In the middle of the seventies, we achieved another milestone with the first fill-up of fruit juices in tetra packs in Austria. Before that, fruit juices were only available in glass bottles – nowadays, you can’t miss the cartons on the supermarket shelves. As a result, we became the Austrians’ favorite fruit juice in the seventies!

With the introduction of the HAPPY DAY and BRAVO brands we finally succeeded with the national and international breakthrough and the strong establishment within the industry of brand name goods.

The consequence of our national success was international expansion. We opened up markets overseas, in the Middle East and in the Far East.


In 1994, we started with our own factory in Hungary in order to supply the central European countries from there.

The introduction of the ICE TEA product range caused a real ICE TEA boom and ensured our leading position within this segment. Rauch ICE TEA is the most popular non-carbonated thirst quencher in Austria.


With the introduction of the NATIVA brand we reacted early to the developing wellness trend and were also able to transfer this boom to the beverage market.

Another innovation were fruit juices and ICE TEAS in the 0.5 and 1.5 liter PET bottle, which was a real alternative to carbonated soft drinks.

With the take-over of the Brewery Fohrenburg we expanded our beverage range with beer or, as we like to say, "ale".


With the new Rauch design bottle we started our triumphal procession in the field of gastronomy with concepts such as "pure fruit – no sugar added" and a wide range of products and packages.

With Yippy we offer thirst-quenching pleasure in small doses. With the motto "little bear – big friend", YIPPY inspires young and old.


In Italy, we were able to achieve a leading position in the range of fruit juices with BRAVO, and we continue to develop the position as one of the leading enterprises in Europe.

With CAFEMIO, the creamy ice coffee, we entered the coffee market very successfully, always in search of new challenges.


We continue to expand our HAPPY DAY range and proceed on the road to success in being one of the leading premium fruit juice brands in Europe.


In 2005, we started with the fourth production plant in Widnau, Switzerland.


In 2007, we opened a factory in Koceljeva, Serbia, in order to get a better supply for Serbia and the bordering countries, as well as to ensure a leading position in this region.


Happy Day is one of the strongest growing fruit juice premium brands in Germany.

The RAUCH tree becomes our new brand symbol.


Addition to the family – in Poland, three new fruit processing plants became members of the family.

We are one of few enterprises to guarantee that the whole process from the fruit to the packaging is carried out by a single organisation and corresponds to highest quality.


The idyllic RAUCH valley becomes the home of the RAUCH tree with all its variety.


We change our carton to Tetra Pak Prisma in order to continue offering the best Rauch quality.

The Rauch carafe completes the range as directly pressed juice in three flavors on the refrigerated shelves.